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Our cattle are born and raised on our ranch right here in Northern California its what you call a closed herd. Our cows are on a schedule to calf in early spring February, March, April time frame. After calving we usually give them some time to get their babies going before re-introducing the bull for next years calves. When the calves are approximately 3 months old we castrate the males, brand and ear tag both male and females. At 6 months old we wean them from their mothers this helps the mother regain her composition before her next baby is close to the end of the gestation cycle. Because we only graze enough animals that our ranch can easily support we usually don’t feed anything but grass.

Just a reminder, to let our customers know if you were thinkin’ you wanted some grass fed beef from us, we need your orders in the next 3 weeks. We have to confirm our appointment at the butchers by May 15th in order to have your meat ready in August.
Due to the overwhelming number of inquiries about our products and their prices, we have added an option to put down a deposit.

How it works:

  • Select our online store
  • Pick the product you are interested in
  • Select the “I want to make a deposit now” option
  • You will be charged a deposit now and the balance when you pick up your meat
We raise Grass Finished Black Angus Beef exclusively.
Angus cattle are two Scottish breeds of cattle, which naturally don’t have horns.
Angus is one of the preferred breeds for beef, especially in the United States.
The two breeds of Angus cattle are:
Black Angus, which refers to the predominant coloring amongst the original Scottish Aberdeen Angus population. If a color is not specified when referring to Angus cattle, it’s presumed to be black.
Red Angus, a breed resulting from the selection of red individuals from the Angus population, which has always had both red and black individuals.
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